Health Council

Today, more and more urban kids are becoming obese, falling ill more often, and are succumbing to serious allergies, asthma, bronchitis and infections. All these health issues can be minimized with the right health steps.

Keeping the above in view, the DPS School Health Council was launched with the start of the new session of 2011-2012. The purpose of setting up a permanent council for health awareness and initiatives in the school is to ensure that all teachers and students live healthier lives, and fall ill less.

The council is divided into the following six committees:

  • Health & Hygiene (HH)

  • Cafe & Nutrition (CN)

  • Emergency & First Aid (EFA)

  • Fitness & Weight Loss (FWL)

  • Health Newsletter (HL)

  • Community Health (CH)

Each of these committees has a specific goal for the entire year, and will be monitored on a monthly basis by external health experts on whether they have achieved their milestones or not.

It is our endeavour to make the school a healthier place, but without the help and co-operation of parents, we will not succeed. Together, let us work towards making our children healthier and less prone to diseases and infections. We will be updating all parents via the portal about the steps taken by each committee. And we would be happy to receive feedback on the same.

Looking forward to your continued support!