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Exchange Programme 2018-19

INDO POLISH EXCHANGE 2018-19 - Visit to Krakow, Poland

The Indo Polish Exchange 2018-19 between Delhi Public School, Gurgaon, and VIII Prywatne Akademickie Liceum Ogólnokształcące, IB World School 006265 (VIIIPALO), in Kraków, Poland spearheaded, by visionary Principals Ms. Aditi Misra and Professor Jerzy Waligóra provided opportunity to their students to bridge the gap between geographical regions and break cultural barriers.

The first leg of the Exchange was a visit to India in November, 2018 by the Polish partner school. During the second leg, 7 students from class XI with Ms. Mamta Kumar visited Krakow, Poland in the month of May, 2019.

The visit was fruitful mix of learning, insight into the history and culture of Poland. The host school arranged visits to; Kazimierz Jewish District, Schindler’s Museum, Wavel Castle, the Bochnia salt mines- and a tour of the Auschwitz Birkenau museum where the students could observe and visualize the horrific details of the life of the prisoners in the concentration camps created by the Nazi, during World War II. Theatre workshop, for the team, gave the students an insight into the nuances of dialogue delivery, body language and posture. The team also had fun- learning experience in the Chemistry, Mathematics and Art workshop. The students were initiated in to Krokovian style of dancing in yet another workshop held by professional dancers.

The two day tour of the newly constructed Warsaw, sights of meticulously reconstructed Old Town and Palace of Culture was a treat for the history lovers. The students enjoyed the visit to Copernicus Centre an interactive science museum. The Invisible Exhibition was unique interactive journey into the invisible world, where we got a glimpse of how people cope in everyday situations without the help of sight. Visit to a glass factory in Krosno and to Zalipie where the small wooden cottages, were painted in vibrant floral motifs was a treat. Zakopane the mountain retreat was an experience for many of our students who saw snow for the first time.

The visited culminated with ‘International Day’, a stage show showcasing the international activities of VIII PALO and the cultural performance by the Indian team. Medley of dances and sharing of experiences by our students was appreciated by the audience. These two weeks spent with the host families, led to firm bonds of friendship not only amongst the students but also the families. The exchange acted as an incentive to create a diverse learning environment for the student. The students learnt to be responsible and resourceful and at the same time developed an enhanced interest in global issues.