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Base Camp, Denmark

DWF Environment Base Camp, Denmark


On Sunday the 15th of April 2018, an enthusiastic group of 20 students embarked on a journey that would be etched in their memory forever. The students, escorted by two teachers visited Copenhagen for a week long Environment Base Camp.

On the first day of the camp, students received a warm welcome by the Danish students of Gladsaxe Gymnasium, an upper secondary school. Over the next few days, Indian students got opportunity to attend classes in two Danish schools which gave them an insight into the Danish education system. Through a series of brain storming sessions, Danish and Indian students discussed and explored solutions to challenges such as waste disposal management. Both Danish and Indian students showcased their culture and heritage through the presentation of songs and dances. The Danes also taught their Indian counterparts a traditional French dance. This cultural potpourri was enjoyed by one and all.

The highlight of the camp was the visit to Danish Water Forum headquarters. The students got to learn the tremendous work being done for water conservation. They got a first-hand experience to play an online strategic game called ‘Aqua Republica’ which aimed at creating awareness about the limited natural resources and their judicious use. The game was highly engaging and educated the students about sustainable development through the play way technique.

Various trips and activities were organised for the Indian students such as a city tour guided by Danish students, a fun filled day at Tivoli Amusement Park, visit to the Little Mermaid, visit to waste management centre, visit to the Blue Planet-Denmark’s new national aquarium to name a few. Our students also spent quality time with the Danish families over supper experiencing their culture and lifestyle.

On the last day of the Camp, cutting across the Oresond Bridge linking Sweden and Denmark, the students explored the city of Malmo.

Just in a week students developed strong bonds with their Danish friends. With heavy hearts and tearful eyes they bid them goodbye with a hope to welcome them to India soon.

The trip to Denmark was indeed a perfect blend of experiential learning, cultural exchange and understanding. Much gratitude to our Principal Ms. Aditi Misra, for creating opportunities for her students to make them global citizens of tomorrow.