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Exchange Programme 2017-18

The Indo German Cultural Exchange 2017-18 between Delhi Public School, Gurgaon and its German partner schools Gymnasium Bei St Michael, Erasmus Widman Gymnasium and Lise Meitner Gymnasium provided an opportunity to the students to bridge the gap between geographical regions and break cultural barriers.

18 German scholars from the partner schools had visited India in October and November, in the first leg of the exchange programme. On 3rd April 2018, a group of 18 exuberant learners of DPS Gurgaon with Ms. Pooja Parwanda embarked on their journey to Frankfurt and then to Schwäbisch Halland Crailsheimto their host families. Ms. Arpna Gupta too joined them in the second half of the programme.

The visit was a rewarding experience as the students began their stay with spending quality time with the host families over the Easter holidays relishing Easter delicacies and bonding with the new atmosphere. The host families organised visits to various places which gave them an insight into the history and culture of Germany. The students were left spellbound by the beautiful architecture of Germany and was also allured by the bountiful nature.

On the first day of school, the partner schools extended a warm welcome to the Indian scholars which was followed by dance sessions with their German counterparts. They were also greeted by the Mayor of Schwaebisch Hall. The schools organised various activities where a radio show was aired in the Storfonk radio booth. Various art sessions were held which enhanced their creativity and artistic skills. Several seminars and workshops were conducted for sharing views and knowledge about renewable energy, various art forms and art work and so on.

A number of visits were planned by the host schools. The first one being the Mercedes Benz Museum at Stuttgart which enhanced their knowledge on automobiles and their history. Among other destinations were Bausch+Ströbel and the Audi manufacturing quarters unfolding the system of packaging and car manufacturing to the inquisitive minds. One of the best days spent was at Tübingen, be it enquiring random people to help finish the quiz worksheet or admiring the serene atmosphere surrounding the boat ride. At Gymnasium of Saint Michael, a workshop based on national-socialism was organised which led to an intense discussion on the Nazi period of Germany. It also included visits to a few churches and an art museum to appreciate the beauty of art and architecture. Exploring the concentration camps at Dachau left them speechless after getting to know about the horrific details of the life of the prisoners in the camps created by the Nazi, during World War II. They had a novel and unusual experience too in the forest. Vulnerable to the wild, at first, all of them felt anxious. However, the planned forest activities encouraged them to adapt to the environment. There were times when at some places the students were even left independent to explore the city which taught them responsibility and time management.

Theculmination of the exchange was throughan Indo-German Cultural Evening held atErasmus Widmann Gymnasium on 27thApril 2018which included a presentation of Kathak, a medley of Hindi songs, a foot-tapping Bollywood dance performance and an orchestra band by the German students. A presentation by the Indian students capturing special moments spent in Germany made everyone cry. The students, both German and Indian, shared their experiences, which were heart-warming and clearly depicted the strong emotional bond connecting the two cultures.

Much gratitude to the Principal, Ms. Aditi Misra and the Dean, Ms. Sapna Dhawan for creating opportunities for the students to make them global citizens of tomorrow.