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Cultural Exchange 2019-20

Indo French Exchange 2019-20- Eighth Rhythm

DPS Gurgaon hosted 28 students and 2 teachers of Cité Scolaire St. Exupery, Bourg St. Maurice for the Eighth Rhythm of the Indo French Exchange Programme from 17th October to 30th October 2019. The French participants arrived at IGIA on 17th October where the host families welcomed them.

Upon their arrival in school, they were accorded a traditional welcome. This was followed by an address by Director Principal Ma’am, who extended her best wishes to both the French guests and Indian host students for this new venture in their lives.

The French students were shown around the school and were briefed about the initiatives (Green-o-bin) our school has taken to curb the practice of paper wastage and plastic use,

Over the course of next few days, the French students participated in multifarious activities like dance and music classes, yoga sessions, art workshops, cricket & soccer matches. They also attended regular classes with their Indian partners to gain insight into the Indian education system. There were interactive sessions with the other students learning French language. Visit to the government school in Kanhai was an unforgettable experience for the French students, memories of which shall always remain etched in their hearts. As a goodwill gesture, the French participants brought a few gifts for the students at Kanhai.

During their stay, the French students also visited the historic monuments of Delhi, Kingdom of Dreams where they were dazzled by the grandeur of the show and Culture Gully.

They also visited the cities of Agra and Jaipur and got a glimpse of the traditional work of art prevalent in both the cities. The artisans working in the tile painting, fabric painting and marble engraving factories demonstrated their art. The students got a hands-on experience working with them in Jaipur.

Staying with their host families, they learnt about Indian food, culture and lifestyle. Their visit coincided with the festival of lights-Diwali, which gave the guest students a glimpse into Indian traditions and family celebrations.

To celebrate this friendship, an Indo-French cultural evening was organized on 24th October 2019 at DPS Gurgaon, which commenced with the Indian and French anthems sung by the students of both countries. The wonderful time spent in India was showcased through heart-warming experiences shared by students from both countries. A presentation capturing a kaleidoscope of photographs, highlighted the unforgettable moments spent together.

The parents too shared their experience with their French guests. The students sang a medley of popular numbers, and presented a dazzling Bollywood dance. They delivered a striking performance that ran the gamut of emotions. The French students left India enamoured with the richness of its heritage, warm tradition, diverse cuisine, colourful markets, fabrics and much more. It was indeed an evening to remember, with strong bonds of everlasting friendship and a promise to meet again.

Participating in the Indo-French Exchange brought with it a plethora of changes in students’ life, it widened their point of view, provided them with opportunities to gain new skills and knowledge, helped them develop an understanding of both the Indian and French cultures and broadened their social horizons.