Programmes & Clubs

Cultural Exchange Programmes(For Senior Students):

The school goes beyond academics and extra curricular pursuits. The school provides international educational and cultural opportunities through Exchange Programmes. Each year students from the senior school participate in the exchange programmes with Germany, France, and Polland. (Online exchange programme with France and Spain)

Science Clubs:

Allotropes' - the Chemistry club
'Red Shift'- the Physics club and
'Pulse'- the Life Science club

The members of these clubs are science enthusiasts engaged in a wide range of activities, from carrying out various experiments to mentoring middle school students and organising study sessions for Shiksha Kendra students.

The aim of these clubs is to provide platform for students to explore and discover new frontiers in the field of science. These clubs strive to hone their skills of engaging in research and promoting the practical knowledge of natural phenomena in a simple fun filled way.

Intach (Indian National Trust For Art And Cultural Heritage):

The members of this programme work in the field of heritage conservation.

Ted X:

TEDx is a club for technology, entertainment and design coverage. The clubprovides a platform to the young adults for the confluence of their creative imagination and intellectual ideas. It gives an opportunity to the youth speakers to express their ideas in a simplified and authentic story telling manner, thereby carrying forward the club's mission of ideas worth spreading.


It is the psychology club of DPS Gurgaon. the club aims at helping young adolescents seek solutions to their concerns proactively through a better understanding of themselves as also improving their outlook and understanding towards the importance of mental health. This is achieved through awareness based activities and sessions conducted throughout the academic year.


The commerce club represents a group of young enthusiastic students who are passionate about commerce and the dynamism that revolves around it. The club organizes and coordinates various co-curricular activities including ‘Ecomm Parv’ the annual commerce and economics fest in school. This helps the students to hone their managerial and leadership skills by exposing them to the world of business and commerce.

Duke Of Edinburgh Programme-International Award For Young People:

The programme consists of three levels- Bronze, Silver and Gold. For each level the participants have to complete the requirements of four sessions i.e. Community service, Adventure, Creative Skill and Physical Recreation. The award programme is open for children between the age group of 14-18 years.

The Global Leadership Programme (VIII To XI):

This programme in collaboration with Khemka Foundation aims at identifying and nurturing young leaders from all spheres of life. The focus is on integrating the programme into the curriculum of the school. The programme concentrates on developing individuals who are positive, responsible, committed, passionate and sensitive team players with a global outlook.

Health Council:

Health Council is the initiative taken by the school to improve the health index of the school. The Council has six committees of students, each looking after a certain domain related to health. The team of health council members works towards creating awareness about nutrition, exercise, first aid, hygiene and community health. Health council ensures that our students pass out of the school as healthy young adults, who are equipped physically, mentally, emotionally and socially to face the challenges posed by life.

Team Shiksha Kendra:

It is an endeavour which aims to incorporate coscholastic activities in the curriculum. Shiksha Kendra is a school for remedial teaching run by Delhi Public School, Gurgaon for students from the underprivileged section of society. The Shiksha Kendra team teaches various skills like art, music, dance, public speaking and dramatics to the students of Shiksha Kendra and works toward honing their skills and upholding the school motto of ‘Service Before Self’.

Node(Network Of Digital Enthusiast):

It is an IT club. The members of this club are actively involved in activities such as graphic designing, software development, robotics, video editing, quizzing and group discussions.

Interact Club:

Interact is a community outreach programme for youth between the ages of 14 and 18. It is sponsored by individual Rotary clubs, which provide support and guidances. For various initiatives interact's activities youth network is dedicated to community and international service.

Model United Nations:

MUN provides the students with an interactive learning experience. It not only makes them aware of the global issues but also encourages them to develop various skills such as research, writing, public speaking, problem solving, consensus building, conflict resolution, compromise and cooperation.

Space Club:

The School has ASTRONOMY as a regular co-scholastic activity for students in association with S.P.A.C.E ( Science Popularisation Association of Communicators and Educators) at three levels : Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.

The club covers various activities like: Sky Observations, Visit to Planetariums/ observations,Interactive Multimedia Sessions, Career Counselling on Astronomy and Space Sciences.

Squad (Society Of Quiz And Debate):

An intiative of a group of young aspiring orators and knowledge seekers. Comprising of a core committee of students from class XI and a regular committee from classes IX and X, it is a platform that helps nurture the competitive spirit among students along with satisfying their quest for knowledge

View Finders:

This is a photography club which promotes and inculcates love for visual arts in digital sphere be it photography, video editing, script writing, cinematography to pre and post production.

Pi Squad:

The mathematics clubaims at providing students with the opportunity to explore varied dimentionsof Mathematics. The member of the club are Math enthusiasts who are engaged in activities such as quizzes,presentations, puzzels, games, researchwork, and organizing math fest.

As You Like It...We Love It:

The English club, aims to inculcate love for the language among students. The activities of the club are pupil-centered, with the objective of making language learning both purposeful and enjoyable.


It provides a linguistic platform to students to exhibit their literary and creative skills in Hindi Language with confidence and elan. Through this platform students are introduced to various aspects of language thereby inculcatinh values related to life skills and love for language.


The Social Science Club 'Dharohar' aims to enhance the knowledge and understanding of the various disciplines of Social Science via various activities and interactions, thereby, gaining an insight into the issues of historical and contemporary interest.

Antibullying Squad:

Promotes the school vision of zero tolerance for bullying.

Cyber Congress:

Provides cyber security for students.

Unesco Engagements:

Promote internationalism.

Summer Programmes:

The students opt for summer programmes at Arts Universty Bournemouth-UK, Brown Summer Program Rhode Island-USA, IOACOCCA Global Entrepreneurship Intensive Design Scholarship(IGEI) Lehign University Pennsylvania-USA