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Cultural Exchange 2023-24

Indo-French Student Exchange Programme 2023
Breaking Barriers…Building Bridges

Delhi Public School Gurgaon extended a warm welcome to 24 French students and 3 teachers from Cité Scolaire St. Exupery, Bourg St. Maurice, as part of the two week Indo-French Exchange Programme on 27th October 2023. The group received a traditional welcome at the school, where Director Principal, Ms. Aditi Misra, conveyed her best wishes for an enriching cultural exchange.

During their stay, the French students enthusiastically participated in a diverse range of activities such as yoga, meditation, art and music/dance sessions. They engaged in friendly sports matches and visited the Government Girls Primary School, Kanhai. As a gesture of goodwill, they took gifts for the students at Kanhai. Exploring the historic monuments in Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur provided the French students with rich cultural exposure.

Staying with host families, the French students learned about Indian traditions and family celebrations and forged deep bonds with their host families. They delved into the richness of Indian culture, traditions and lifestyle and enjoyed the festivities of Diwali with their host families.

As a finale, DPS Gurgaon hosted an Indo-French cultural evening to celebrate the camaraderie between the two groups on November 7, 2023. Director Principal, Ms. Aditi Misra, graced the event. In her address, she emphasised the significance of leadership and cross-cultural skills. She commended the students for their exceptional efforts and expressed gratitude to the host families for their support. Ms. Misra also expressed hope for future collaborations to strengthen the bonds created through the Indo-French Student Cultural Exchange programme.

The event marked a beautiful amalgamation of diverse performances, including music, dance, and an audio-visual presentation. Students from both nations collaborated seamlessly, creating unforgettable moments that transcended cultural boundaries. The event began with the singing of the Indian and French anthems, symbolising respect for both nations and their cultural heritage. Heartwarming experiences were shared through presentations, showcasing a collage of photographs capturing the unforgettable moments spent together.

Students from both countries shared their memorable experiences, highlighting newfound friendships, cultural discoveries, and unforgettable moments. Host parents also shared their perspectives, emphasising their enriching experiences. Host families were appreciated for their generous hospitality, and mementos were presented to express gratitude for their significant contributions.

The cultural evening served as a testament to the strong bonds of friendship formed during the exchange. The event concluded with a vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to everyone involved in making the Indo-French Student Cultural Exchange Programme a success. Ms. Anjum, Dean Academics, along with Ms. Sarabjit Lall and Ms. Divya Sethi, extended gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of the Indo-French Student Cultural Exchange Programme.

Participating in the Indo-French Exchange Programme proved transformative for the students, offering a broader perspective, new skills and knowledge, and a deepened understanding of both Indian and French cultures, thereby expanding their social horizons.