Inclusion Programme

The only thing worse than being blind, is having sight but no vision. - Helen Keller

All children learn and they learn in different ways. In other words, each child is a unique learner. When we talk of every child we include ALL children including those with additional supportive needs, be they physical, neurological or social. Some children have more difficulties than most children of their age with thinking, understanding and learning; speech, language and communication; sensory difficulties and physical development; emotional and behavioural difficulties; and relating to other people. These challenges make it harder for them to learn or access education than most children of the same age. What is most important is that nearly all children with special educational needs are able to reach their full potential with additional support and understanding. In comparison to their peers they may need extra or individual help based on a range of needs and learning styles.

The Inclusion Team at DPS Gurgaon works on the belief that every student has the potential to access and make progress towards any goal. Inclusion is an attitude we adopt in our interactions with one another. It is about intentionally planning for the success of all students by providing them the right atmosphere to enable them to succeed in the regular classroom and to nurture them to participate independently in society.

DPS Gurgaon has been one of the first schools in Gurgaon to follow the philosophy of Inclusive Education and adheres to the CBSE Guidelines for Inclusive Practices. All students, regardless of any challenges they may have, are placed in age-appropriate general education classes and receive appropriate instructions, interventions, and support that enables them to succeed in the core curriculum. Early identification of special needs is the key to a child's successful development. The school and classroom operate on the premise that students with disabilities are as fundamentally competent as students without disabilities. The driving principle is to develop a sense of belonging among the students and support them in their efforts to see them through their years at school.

DPS Gurgaon prides itself in the fact that the Inclusion team consists of a dedicated and devoted lot working under the able mentorship of the Director Principal, Ms. Aditi Misra, who spares no efforts to see to it that all the decisions are taken in the interests of the development of ALL the children.

The Facilitators
  • Ms. Renuka Fernandes, Counsellor (Senior School) & HOD

  • Ms Shirley Manning, Special Educator (Coordinator)

  • Ms. Amanat Gill, Special Educator (Primary and Junior School)

  • Ms. Parul Sharma, Occupational Therapist (Infant and Primary School)

  • Ms. Lovey Sharma, Occupational Therapist (Primary and Junior School)

  • Ms. Malini Chaturvedi, Counsellor (Middle School)

  • Ms. Amandeep Brar, Counsellor (Junior School)

  • Ms. Kanica Dua, Counsellor (Infant and Primary School)