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Exchange Programme 2022-23

Delhi Public School Gurgaon, in collaboration with VIII PALO, IB World School, Krakow, Poland, organized the 9th rhythm of the Indo Polish Student Cultural Exchange programme, on 4th April 2023, at 6:00 pm (IST), on Zoom, to promote respect and understanding for Indian and Polish cultures. Ms. Sapna Dhawan, Dean Student Welfare, DPS Gurgaon and Mr. Tadeusz Borucki, the Headmaster of VIII PALO, graced the occasion.

The 9th rhythm of the Indo Polish Student Exchange programme, showcased a series of presentations pertaining to the fields of Indian and Polish cuisine, art, fashion and music. The students of DPS, Gurgaon and VIII PALO, IB World School, Krakow worked in co-ordination to present the event despite being miles apart and having different time zones. They shared their experiences of working in unison to put together their presentation and spoke about many light hearted moments.

At the culmination of the event, Ms Sapna Dhawan, appreciated the students and hoped for more such collaborations in the future. She stated that the event was a wonderful opportunity to bond and strengthen the ties of the Indo-Polish Student Cultural Exchange programme. Ms Sapna Dhawan, further thanked the Director Principal of DPS Gurgaon, Ms Aditi Misra and Founder Director, Professor Jerzy Waligora for their initiative in creating an opportunity for the students to understand and appreciate cultures from across the globe. Mr. Tadeusz Borucki, the Headmaster of VIII PALO Krakow, praised the students for their efforts and congratulated the coordinators Ms Mamta Kumar and Mr Michal Musielak. As the event drew to a close, Ms Mamta Kumar, Deputy Dean Students Welfare, DPS Gurgaon, proposed the vote of thanks. She thanked the Heads of both the institutions for their encouragement and support in all activities of the Exchange Programme. She also thanked the student teams for their collaborative work and their parents for supporting them.