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Exchange Programme 2019-20

Indo - German Cultural Exchange -14th Rhythm

DPS Gurgaon successfully completed the first leg of the XIV Rhythm of the Indo-German Exchange Programme with its German partner schools, Gymnasium Bei St. Michael (GSM); Erasmus Widman Gymnasium (EWG) and Lise Meitner Gymnasium (LMG). This year, eleven German students visited DPS Gurgaon from 22nd October to 18th November 2019, along with their teachers, Ms Ines Mend and Mr. Christian Zierl from LMG, Mr. Martin Milich from GSM and Mr. Jonathan Liebald from EWG.

On the first day of school, the guest students were extended a traditional welcome, followed by an orientation regarding the school. During their month long stay, the students participated in various activities like art, clay modelling, music, dance, yoga and soccer. They also attended regular classes with their Indian partners, to have a first-hand experience of the Indian education system.

The German students along with their Indian partners visited the cities of Jaipur and Agra, the historic monuments in Delhi like Qutub Minar, India Gate, and the Pepsi Plant at Nuh. Their visit coincided with the festival of lights- Diwali, which gave the German guests a glimpse of Indian traditions, diverse cuisine, colourful markets and much more.

The cultural evening organised on 15th November, 2019 celebrated the strong bond of international friendship. It commenced with the Indian and German anthems sung by the students of both the countries.

Director Principal, Ms Aditi Misra, expressed joy at the success of the exchange. She thanked the teachers who had initiated the exchange, and the parents for their support. She appreciated the participants of the exchange programme for accepting the diversity of the two cultures. She further stated that cultural exchanges are an integral part of the school curriculum to develop global and progressive outlook among the students. In her view, this year’s exchange is more pertinent as the nation celebrates the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, who laid emphasis on the concept of Nai Taleem- providing education which is not limited to books but based on experiences.

The wonderful time spent together was brought to light through heart-warming experiences shared by students from both countries, as well as the host parents. A presentation capturing a kaleidoscope of events spoke volumes about the unforgettable moments spent together. A beautiful dance was presented by the visiting group, reflecting glimpses of the culture and tradition of Germany. The students also sang a medley of popular Hindi songs and presented a scintillating Bollywood dance which left the audience mesmerised. It was indeed an evening which created strong bonds of everlasting friendship.