External Examination

External exams give the students excellent opportunities to explore their intrinsic qualities. The various competitions add a touch of excitement and adventure for the students. Mastery of English boosts the confidence and personality of the students. The world famous university of Cambridge conducts English exams to improve and assess the speaking and writing skills of the candidates.Contests like Olympiads create interest among the students to study the subject thoroughly. It gives an open platform to the students to judge their knowledge and the ability to apply. They enable an environment for all-round skill development so as to make them energetic, effective and life-long learners. Scholastic awards achieved in these events further encourage the students.

Examinations Classes Tentative Week
National Cyber Olympiad 3 - 12 Last Week of September
National Creative Olympiad 5 - 11 First Week of October
Acer 3-10 Third Week of October
National Science Olympiad 3 - 12 Last Week of November
Asset 3 - 10 First Week of December
International Maths Olympiad 2 - 12 Third Week of December
International English Olympiad 3 - 12 Third or Fourth Week of January
NSTSE 2 - 12 First Week of December
NTSE (CLASS 10) Third Sunday of November
SMTE (CLASS 9) Last Week of October or First Week of November